Pyramid - starter for dummies

Do beginner tutorials for dummies like me exist?

It’s my first attempt on this unit and I don’t know where to start. The manual doesn’t explain me anything, as it’s not intuitive for me.

Thanks ;/

Loopop is a good start for you Squarp Pyramid Comprehensive Sequencer Tutorial - YouTube


yeah +1 for loopop :slight_smile:

also squarp has a ton of YouTube videos on their channel
note: pyraOs also refers to the pyramid…

there are also a ton of other tutorials on YouTube if you search for them by 3rd parties.

of course, pyramid has alot of firmware upgrades, so some older videos will not cover these.
BUT for the basics, they are all pretty much still valid.

so, just watch a few for the basics and get familiar with that…

main big change to watch for when your comfortable are patterns, but you can ignore those initially.
again, there are videos on that too.

but main thing is practice, the more you use it, the more you’ll get a feeling on how it all works !
… like any instrument, nothing is a substitute practice to learn.

after you know the basics, go back to the manual … whilst perhaps not the easiest to learn from, it is a great references manual. Id say 90-95% of questions that get asked on the forum, the manual has the answer for… its just a matter of getting used to finding the info in it.

thats why , all though it may be a bit tedious, but I do actually recommend a read thru the manual quite early on… the goal not being to learn/remember anything/everything , but more to get a feeling for possibilities and options.

… anyway thats how I learn… of course, though we are all different

good luck, oh and remember… have fun doing it :slight_smile:

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