Pyramid sequencing a MIDI > CV Module

Hello Squarp team,

I am looking to possibly expand into Pyramid as Hermod seems to be rather feature-stagnant for my needs but I still love its capabilities and want more tracks.

I am in need of a sequencer to control my Eurorack rig and this will likely happen through a Midi>CV converter such as Expert Sleepers FH-2 and expanders.

I have an important question regarding Aftertouch and Velocity, will I be able to send those to different MIDI ports or channels, resulting in multiple CV outputs sending those out?

An additional question, seeing as my candidate for converter (expert sleepers FH-2) seems to have two CV inputs, which convert to MIDI CC, will those be able to route to parameters internally in the Pyramid? Or for example be used as notes in the Quantizer?

No, don’t think so, but I don’t think the fh2 requires this.

Incoming cv can be used to affect modules - that’s in the manual iirc