Pyramid sends USB-Midi to all channels?

I’m trying to control some VST’s in Cubase from Pyramid, but channel for receiving in Cubase does not matter.

The Pyramid will send USB-MIDI to ALL MIDI channels at the same time, so all my VSTI’s gets the MIDI from track 1 (which is set up to send USB MIDI on ch. 3).

Why is this?

I’ve also hooked Pyramid up to my analog four and my sonic potions LXR, works perfectly, sending MIDI to ch1 and A4 receives MIDI only on ch1. Same on LXR, no problems.
It’s totally different with USB…

I’ve looked in the settings, i can’t seem to find anything that matters there…

no pyramid always sends on a particular midi channel for usb and din

I suspect this is Cubase, not the pyramid, see my reply here

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Thanks! I’ll take a look!