Pyramid sends CC on all channels at Stop


i just noticed that today that the Pyramid sends on all channels on CC 120 (Val 0) and CC 123 (Val 0)
when synced from an external Clock (E-RM Multiclock in my case)

as this affects some of my synths it would be great if this could be disabled. But i couldn’t find a way.


CC 120 and CC 123 are the MIDI messages for “All Sound Off” and “All Notes Off” respectively.

In what way do these messages “affect” some of your synths?


the Novation peak changes it’s amp Envelope to Release 0

actually it’s the only synth reacting to it that way - but I haven’t tested all


This sounds like a reasonable way for a synth to respond to an “All Sound Off” (CC120) message.

It could be argued that the Pyramid should not send CC120 when the “Stop” button is pressed. If I were you I would write to Squarp and explain your situation.


i was hoping to that they read here… but I can write them directly… sure


According to Squarp:

For now on, and as a general rule for Hermod and Pyramid, every bug reports & suggestions must be sent here:


done. Thanks for your input.
I hope the two companies now don’t push the issue to each other.


wow already got an answer:
it’s not intended that the Pyramid sends out these CC, they look into it and will update the firmware

Great support!


I’ve also experienced issues caused by this behaviour when clocking Live w/ Pyramid. When Pyramid’s sequencer is stopped, these continuous CC messages prevent me from auditioning instruments loaded in Live. Looking forwards to a solution!


Came online to figure out a solution for this. Have the same issue with my Peak. Glad to hear they are working on a solution!!


also Novation said they are aware of the bug and will fix it


well, now squarp says they’re not going to change anything :frowning:

so we gotta wait for Novation


me too, guess we’re still waiting?


yes :frowning:

i will speak with Novation and Squarp at Superbooth.

I’m seriously pissed about this situation.


thanks for that!

Yeah, this is a major oversight of a basic midi function. Thankfully, my midi interface has CC filtering so i just filtered those two CCs outgoing to the Peak, but this should be fixed asap.


are you using an iConnectivity one?

I’m using copperlan - wich is overall great - but this feature never came out.


Yep the mio10 and I also have a bomebox. Between those two, midi does anything i want it to. <3