Pyramid seems to be not recording pitch bend all of a sudden

I checked on my OPsix that it definitely is transmissing pitch bend. No luck. I’ve done it many times before. So I jumped over the blofeld with a Keystep and still no luck. I feel like I’m missing something obvious, anybody had this happen or know a quick remedy?

I tested some CCs on the XY pad an it’s working fine.

Doing a little more testing and I’m not receiving CCs from the Blofeld either. Hmmm.

More tests and I can record CC from the XY no problem.

Check the Pyramid MIDI Monitor to verify this data is incoming
Check Pyramid MIDI In Settings to ensure Pyramid is set to listen for it

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Wow the MIDI IN Monitor (Anyone looking it’s under INFO in settings) is so cool! That’s a perfect way to test, I had no idea it even existed. So yes, it’s definitely receiving it. And “Pitch Bend” is set to ON. SO it’s coming it and it’s seeing it, it’s just not recording it.

I’m actually now wondering if perhaps my Instrument definitions file lacked a CC specifically for pitch, but doesn’t pitch have it’s own locked assignment?

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Pitch Bend is not a CC
And yeah: the MIDI Monitors are super excellent super happy fun cool!

Hrmm…PB info coming in, Pyramid is set to receive it, and I’m assuming you’re definitely in record mode.
Do you also experience this with a brand new Project?
Also, what OS are you using?

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This was a brand new project when I started :laughing:
I’ll boot up a new project though and run some tests.
OS is def the latest, I got one of the grey models recently and it’s totally up to date.

I’ll do a little more digging.

So take a look at this video, I sent this to Pyramid too. Something is definitely wrong. It’s receiving the pitch shift midi info, but then the pyramid is actually changing the pitch of the sequence I recorded and not picking up the pitch shift on the note bend.

First it almost gets it, then it changes the pitch of some notes in the sequence. Then when I re-record it, it doesn’t even pick up the pitch bend.

Do you have any Pitch Bend data on the Track you are attempting to affect?

That was a new sequence in a new file. I played the notes and added the pitch bend in the video you see here.

Yeah, sorry.
Im just not grokking what’s going on here.

No problem, I’m psyched you’re lending a hand! Pitch bends are really important to me, it’s a big part of my keyboard playing style. So I need to figure this out. I’m assuming it’s something weird with my settings, maybe a conflict somewhere.

It’s just really unpredictable in how it;s working. Sometimes it will grab the pitch bend, sometimes not and sometimes the pitch just gets randomly changed.

sorry. Something popped into my head.

If i understand what you’re doing, you have some data recorded on several tracks (drums, bass, melody). You are recording pitch bend onto either the existing melody track or an alternate track whose destination is the synth playing the melody.

you are recording in loop mode - that is, you are playing and you press the Record button so that the Track loops as normal but allows you to record on top.

If that is the case, something might be going on that is really dificult for me to describe because: brain damage. LOL

Suggestion: Remove any/all Pitch Bend data on any currently playing Tracks. Then hard record the Pitch Bend data - that is, it will give you a countdown and then play through the Track once while recording then stop the Record on further loops.

Oh, I guess an end around would be to before all that, go to the Step Mode for the Pitch Bend and review the data there. I suspect that if the Pitch Bend has not returned to 0 on a pass, it affects further passes - again: tough to describe, but I can ‘see’ the issue in my head and it’s why I have a tendency to edit my PB info after recording. (I don’t always have the PB back on 0 at the end of a loop and then the subsequent loop receives a PB value that is NOT 0 so the beginning of the next iteration is not 0).

Take a pic of the PB screens of Tracks that are not playing correctly perhaps?

If this is leading somewhere, it’s that once PB info is recorded and you are trying to send new PB data, they can sort of fight with each other.

You are totally right. I just recorded a test sequence and turned record off immediately after I recorded the pitch bend and it recorded perfectly.

So can I not improvise with pitch bends in loop recording mode? I actually was under the impression that was the only mode in live recording.

Sounds like I need to hit that record button right before anything I recorded plays back a 2nd time.

I think you just need to refine your workflow with an eye on “data that is already recorded” vs “data you want to record”.

You can also *hard record *, or when the sequencer is stopped, press Record and Play
There is a countdown (whatever you have it set to in Settings) and it will Record on the first pass, then when it loops the Record will be off.

You may need to make adjustments to PB data in the Step Mode, but IMO thats minor and part of “cleaning it up” along with nudging offsets etc.

But I think you got this.

That method is a little tricky, just for mer personally, because I prefer to let the loop play a few times while I work out the part I’m improvising in some practice runs. When I feel like I have it down I’ll hit record and record that piece. Sounds like I need to hit STOP RECORD the second I’m done. Maybe this can be done with a pedal?

Yeah, defining personal workflow is an electronic musician’s signature task.

A pedal would work and perhaps be that thing you need.

Perhaps another option is to record the PB on a separate Track, or consecutive Tracks until you get what you want…or one long Track for the PB while the main melody Track loops - then when you get the take you want, Copy/Paste it.

You have many many options.
Enjoy the process.
It’s what defines your work.

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So I actually had an Maudio pedal and just plugged it in, and it activates the record in live mode, so I guess I can continue to loop live and just kick the pedal on and off right before I play and as soon as I’m done. Thanks for all your help, I’ll see how this goes.

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I just came bac to say that if you have the pyramid and don’t use it with a pedal to start and stop recording you’re going to be happy you got a pedal. Lifesaver! Wow what a difference.

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