Pyramid - saving takes too long, it looks to me the save function computes fractals

after few sessions with my new Pyramid sequencer I decided to save the “recording”. I had three tracks, two for four / eight measures long and single with 64 measures long. After hitting save the Pyramid started saving the sequences, but it took more than a minute, so I decided to restart the instrument. The first two tracks were saved, but the third one was not and the file had 0 bytes. Could you please elaborate on saving times pls? I presume fast i2c is involved and therefore there should be really quick response on saving then. With my next attempts (less bars) it also took unadequate long time to save the tracks. Two SD cards tested, no noticable difference.

I will check tonight but I’m almost sure it takes usually a few seconds, with several dozen tracks even…

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Usually it’s pretty quick in my experience.

Does each track have a very large number of events? Eg from continuous controllers?
I’d assume save time is proportional to number of events rather than track length.

If you let it save - what are the size of the files?

Does this happen with ‘new projects’ , perhaps something corrupt in project.

Is loading also slow, or just saving?

My first guess would be a bad sdcard, but it’s strange you would have two bad ones.
Also I assume your using ‘decent’ sdcards.

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Not much events, I would say, no controlles, just basic note-on-off-velocity.
The only thing I would like to point out I’m using sustain pedal across quite a few beats.
So it might be the eventual glitch.
I can’t see the implementation, but this only comes to my mind as the possible reason while exporting MIDI*. Seems the simple non-pedalled track are fine, but it needs some investigation if it is deterministic behaviour.
Loading times seems to be fine.

*if some more logic implemented, that could fill the buffer etc.

Sustain is a continuous control… usually though you’d expect it to flip between two values only as you lift/press - so that would not generate new events continuously.
But perhaps if your pedal is not doing this, and was acting more like an expression pedal, then this could create a lot of events if it is was ‘glitching’

You should be able to see this in the midi cc display- also if you play back the track - you could watch to see what events are being sent out.

An easy way to test, would also be when you see save takes a long time… delete sustain events and then save again (new) … see if it then saves quickly.

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