Pyramid plus bastl midi looper

Anybody pairing the bastl midi looper with a pyramid? Yeah I know this is a new item with some overlap with the pyramid but it looks like it adds some one touch functionality that I wish the pyramid had. Mine is on the way.

I’m still learning the pyramid so it will be awhile until I know all the tricks on using them together.

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no - but why not :slight_smile:
as you say, it’s very focused on making looping quick n’ simple.

I see it as a nice option to supplement the pyramid - you can let it just ‘run thru’ the pyramid on 3 channels (so potentially still use pyramids midi fx), then use other pyramid tracks for more sequenced elements.

you will probably want to use midi in:omni mode: multitrack bank A for this
(or use midi thru, but that then means you cant use midi fx… choices :slight_smile: )

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