Pyramid OS 3.22 not showing on the information screen

My Pyramid OS is version 2.991, but it appears as if there is a more current version. Whenever I attempt to load V3.22 by following the instructions (copying the PyraOS.bin file onto the SD card), the machine stays on 2.991. Am I missing something?

“power on Pyramid while holding the menu encoder and wait a few seconds”

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Yes, of course I held the menu encoder while powering on. Does your OS say 3.22?

Id need to check specifically, but ive done several OS updates and ive never run into the current OS not showing as i recall.

Irrespective of what is displayed, are any of the PyraOS3.0+ features available? (Such as Custom Chords)

I havent updated to 3.22 yet. Still on 3.21, actually.

Go to [2nd]+[FX] -> [Info]
And it will tell you what PyraOS version youre running

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Custom Chords is there, so I suspect I have the most recent operating system. I was just wondering why it’s not displaying 3.22. My theory was that the .bin file that I downloaded with the latest OS was not properly extracted by my mac and I was just putting a compressed file onto the SD card. But every attempt I made to “un-zip” it just resulted in creating another compressed file.

Maybe the routine to display the version on bootup got barfd. But i think if the bin is corrupted, youd have more problems than a display thing.

But if the Info says youre on the latest, and the only problem is that (minor, IMO) display issue id figure youre good to go. You comfy with that? I could update my OS in a but and verify of no one else chimes in.

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Thanks for getting back to me. i appear to have the latest features and the sequencer works fine without any issues, so I’m not going to fret. Curious if everyone else is showing 3.22 on the info screen.

If i update before this thread is buried, then I’ll tey to remember to respond…if no one else has shared their status yet. Have fun!

Might be a silly question, but are you sure you’re copying the v3.22 PyraOs.bin to the SD and not an older version? As the version isn’t encoded in the file name, it’s easy to have conflicting file names in the download folder on your computer, and it depends on the downloading software what happens in that case. A browser might ask if you want to replace, but some other software just silently adds a number to the end or such. Been there. For an quick and easy check, the v3.22 firmware file is 759692 bytes in size.

I had a very similar experience with the update version not appearing, despite a normal operation.
Turned out to be the SD card I was using wasn’t in a format that the pyramid liked. I’d previously transferred the data from my original SD card, to the new one which had the wrong partition mapping or something like that.