Pyramid or Hermod?

Which would connect up to my modular systEm best?

Well, if you have a modular system I would imagine the hermod would fit in to your setup more quickly… But It really all depends on what you already have, how much space you have, what you have for power, and what is already being consumed…

The Pyramid is a good direction to go if you want to branch out to more traditional midi synths… The hermod would probably be better if you want to keep to the modular path…

there is some overlap on each product I believe… Essentially, consider what you already have and decide for you what would integrate the smoothest.


I have both … and like them both !

However, be very careful - do not make the common mistake of thinking the Hermod is a small/modular Pyramid - it is not!

whilst, they have similar features and UI, they are actually quite different - those that expect the Hermod to be like the Pyramid are usually dissappointed - and this led to a lot of initial misunderstanding when the Hermod was released.

so the question is what do you need?

Hermod is about interfacing your rack, and provides things like modulation recording and lfos.
Its sequencing aspect are not as comprehensive as the pyramid, they are much simpler, but this makes sense given the limited form factor.
Hermod’s real power is it does so many things in a small hp, it can…

  • be your midi2cv , and record as sequences, and ‘effect’ it
  • record cv modulation, and alter it.
  • record cv/gate, effect it, output it as new cv/gate or midi.
  • output lfo/sh/noise
  • be a clock divider

… and all at the same time, as it says on the tin ‘your modular brain’

Pyramid is one of the best sequencers on the market (up there with Cirklon), be it for programming or for looping. its great - I love its form factor - its really compact for what it features, yet its still very comfortable to use.

whilst the hermod can (obviously) sequence events, it lacks quite a few advanced things the pyramid has (patterns, polymeter/polyrythm, time signatures) but it has many other features (see above) , that suit its environment/form factor more.

This is why I have both… the workflow is similar enough that it means I feel comfortable on both, but they compliment each other well… I rarely use the Hermod as a sequencer, as the Pyramid does this well… but the pyramid doesn’t do any of the modular stuff.
(the alternaive would be : Pyramid + midi2cv + cv2midi + cv recorder + …)

for you, what do you need?
if your primary need is to sequence a lot of midi stuff, then get a pyramid. (1)

if your sequencing needs are less important, but want to connect things in and out of your rack, with some recording - the hermod is excellent.

as I say, not an easy choice as they are very different - with a different focus.

(1) btw: a good starting point to understand the difference between the pyramid and hermod is by looking at the sequencer mode- they are VERY different, if you need a strong ‘song mode’, you may find the hermod’s is not ‘enough’ , and this perhaps demonstrates one of your needs.


Thank you :pray:t3: your explanation was concise. I think that I am also one of those that need both because I am looking for A powerful sequencer first. I also want to integrate my euro rack. I have a midi to CV module so I will start with a pyramid. Then perhaps add the Hermod…

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