Pyramid not starting Electribe 2

Hey every one,
i’m having some trouble setting up pyramid to control my set up.
first off I c’ant figure out why when I press start on the pyramid the electribe wont start.
Digitakt is also connected and it starts normally.

for the info, i’m setting un pyramid to send program changes to different synths and machines.
The pyramid is the master clock, and all the is connected to it. I’m sure ill run into more serious problems along the way, especially sending multiple program changes to different machines.

Thanks for your time !

if the digitakt is starting (from the pyramid i assume) , then it sounds like the pyramid is sending clock and transport start over midi.

so sounds like your issue is either:
a) this midi is for some reason not getting to your electribe
how do you have all this connected together?

b) your electribe is not setup to slave to the midi clock master
sorry, i don’t know anything about the electribe - i assume details for this will be in the electribe manual

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I got an Electribe Sampler. Clock Mode is on Page 3 of Global Settings. You want External MIDI.

Been a while since I clocked mine from Pyramid but don’t remember having any probs.

Is it receiving MIDI? Like can you trigger it from Pyramid but not sync it?


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a) the electribe is getting all other midi commands except for the start.
It is connected directly from port A midi out of the pyramid to the midi in on electribe

b) the electribe is set to slave and receive external midi sync

Hey, yes it is set on external midi.
And yes it is receiving all other midi functions, the only thing that is missing is that start…

And you are definitely sending start/stop from Pyramid too? (As well as clock).


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hmm, that i don’t know, how can i check that ?

It’s in Midi out in the Settings menu. You got separate settings for MIDI A and B and USB ports and for each port there are separate settings for on/off state for Sync (“send clock”) and Start/Stop which, you guessed it, sends start/stop commands.

Some devices will start when they get a clock (and stop when it goes away) even if they don’t get a separate start/stop command. Some expect both. Might be why the Digitone starts but not the Electribe.