Pyramid MKIII with Larger Screen etc

Hello, Pyramid has been on my list for a while, it’s really a break through music device as some of the big boys haven’t come close to it’s feature set. It’s really excellent!

I would gladly pay double or more for a MKIII with a larger, full color screen, 100 gig ssd drive, velocity and pressure-sensitive pads, full sampling with chopping, audio start and end point editing, audio trimming, audio truncate, reatime time-strectch and pitch shifting, as well as sample layering. Maybe you would consider a kickstarter or do a poll so the risk is mininised? I think it’s already the best sequencer out, just a larger screen and it would be an insta-buy for me, the rest is just gravy! Thanks for all that you do, keeping it fresh with updates as well. Cheers and much success in the New Year!


Given the pyramid doesn’t have any audio, this would not be a mk3 but a completely new product.
one that would require completely different hardware and software - hard to see that being possible at double the price.
(Btw: questionable that a rPI, as used by the product you had an image of, would be powerful enough to do what you ask with reliable glitch free audio )
Perhaps ask Elekton to update the octatrack, that’s closer.
But as of today, your petty much going to have to use Live+Push/ Maachine + Laptop.


yeah, as technobear said, sounds like you want an octatrack. sry if its not the answer you’re looking for…

But i’m all in for a mk3 with pressure and velocity, more cpu/memory, real midi routing, mod matrix, better xox style sequencing abilities, more hands on control, and midi-delay compensation in def files. Color display sounds overkill, but oled would be nice!
And more midi ports, and cv ports!

you may ask the opposite.
At this point and behind one year of experience with pyramid I say, it would have been better a pyramid without any screen that such a little one, or just it would ve been better to let out some info of all those are in the screeen and let the hardware speak by itself through lights, buttons, signals, colors. knobs, sliders.
There are few physical elements in the hardware… it is indeed a ultra minimalistic tool… Look at the old groovebox Electribe MX-1. A screen which says the minimum and a whole of buttons and lights that did the old groovebox a really intuitive sequencer.
Screen should have been 4 times bigger, but its not… It is something that can’t be changed. Personally I don’t dislike it either.
While Different is the inner set. The screen can indeed have different views. I either don’t like how it is set.
I would have organized everything different, more simple, more logic and letting work the pads more ( pads could have been used for short cuts … .
Pads could have different brightness levels; at least 3 ; and work simultaneously. I see so many advantages in different light levels on pads!..

Finally I would also organize STEP & SEQ modes completely different… and so many things … but we are around 1000 users and only one sequencer.
… it is not an open source tool . you get what you get. so…
Screen …pfffff… it is just a screen

:zombie: zombie thread came to hunt you.

If there’s something i wish a new version has is more cv and gate outputs.

I’m kind of tired of depending on a MIDI to CV module.

The only thing missing for me is internal routing, being able to send note data pre and post effects to another channel. That would solve a couple of problems / limitations I’ve read that people are having.

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for me, scren size is OK.
what i really want is moar physical MIDI Out ports.


The common theme is that the Pyramid is great, but everybody wants that one little thing, each of them different :joy:


Some things would benefit everyone though! Like a better Seq mode, and control slides…


“everyone” - the most common phrase people use, to justify what they think is important…
of course, you easily try to cover you basis by using non-defined improvements like ‘better’

simple reality is… people use the pyramid differently, this means what they like/dislike differs, and so what changes they would like are different, or which changes they would prioritise is different.

anyway this is all a moot point, the Pyramid is a mature product - and Squarp have already indicated it is at its limit in terms of cpu/memory usage - so it seems highly unlike anything major is going to change, even if ‘everyone’ could agree on what those changes might be.

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