Pyramid MIDI setup with Prophet 6, no sound

I am trying to setup the pyramid with a P6. I want to use the P6 to play in live mode in real time, then listen back on pyramid.

I have MIDI out from P6 to MIDI in on pyramid.
And- MIDI out from pyramid to MIDI in on P6.

I can not seem to get sound back from the pyramid after recording. I see the little arrow on the pyramid screen when I play the keys so I think it’s reading it…in fact, I can hear the P6 voices when I press the pyramid’s keypads so I know that’s working.

I don’t know much about MIDI. I have tried to set each device to MIDI channel 1 and still nothing. I currently have P6 set to MIDI out ALL.

Sorry for what must be the most elementary post here ever, but I just read and searched manual and still don’t understand why it’s not working.

Try having a look in the piano roll view to see if any notes were actually recorded?

The Pyramid is a great and relatively easy to use sequencer. That said, you’re going to have to study it for a few weeks to get to know how it works :wink:

I think i posted to someone in FB about this. I have the P12. DSI stuff is brill and super easy with MIDI (for obvs reasons! LOL).

Im not near my notes, but:
-Do you have your channels setup and agreeing with each other?
-Pyramid is sending on the channel the P6 is listening to?
-Pyramid is setup to send on the proper port?

I could furnish manual references when i get back to my notes, but dont stress.

One thing to remember: MIDI is not sound. Some MIDI primers would be some excellent reading if its a new beast.

Hi, thanks for the input. I do understand the basic’s of MIDI.
-I’m not sure(!)
-Ok, this might be the issue, on the other hand, I don’t understand that when I press a keypad on the pyramid I can hear sounds coming from P6, yet when I “record” and play back it’s silent.

So it seems they are communicating in both directions.

Good idea to check the piano roll!

Id suggest starting there. :wink:

ok, still nothing. Nothing is showing on the piano roll.

I have MIDI channel on the prophet set to: ALL and it’s sending on the DIN.
I have tried MIDI clock both ways on prophet but still nothing.

I have the MIDI In and Out on the pyramid set to channel 1.

Like I said, I can play the P6 from the pyramid keypads, in fact, I just tried to playback a sequence I recorded using the keypads on the pyramid and it works!!:slight_smile: But, I had to turn “local control” off on the P6.

I still can’t seem to get anything going when using playing the P6 INTO the pyramid. And playing the keypads on the pyramid and toggling “local control” on the P6 is not a real workable flow for me.

Ok, I might have fixed it.
Filter on/off was ON in the pyramid.

For future reference, the midi monitor (in the pyramid settings) is your friend here. more immediate than the piano roll, you can see in real time what messages are being sent to and from.

Also, (sorry if this comes off as condescending, but…) read the manuals… yes, there’s gonna be info that isn’t pertinent, but the pyramid manual isn’t that long. Both the P6 and the Pyramid have fairly straightforward descriptions of how to set up midi ins and outs.

I really don’t mean to be rude. I’m pretty new to midi routing and I’m using a P6 as my main keyboard. I ran into all sorts of routing headaches with local control and NRPN. In fact there’s a lengthy thread about it here that could be helpful if you want to control other synths with the P6 (turns out it’s not the best controller for that though). Best of luck, and feel free to dm me if you have any specific questions.

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Ok, another quick question if I may…

I am gathering there is no way to save individual tracks?

In other words, to save a a track or sequence, you must actually save them within a project to an SD card?

The manual only talks about saving projects which is why I am assuming this.


Hi, thanks Palm. No you are not condescending and I appreciate the input. I have been searching the manual for days…it’s just that I don’t find it very clear. There is no guide or any information really on how to setup one keyboard like I am, just a drawing with no info and a description of what the dozens of MIDI parameters control.

In any case, that hardly matters anymore because I did get it to work, however I have a much bigger problem now.

Neither the sequencer nor the ARP on my P6 work anymore!

I have the pyramid turned off and have unplugged the MIDI cables and I have returned all of the P6 settings to where they were (very simple) and neither the arpeggiator nor sequencer work and none of the saved sequences (they save with the patch) will play. I have turned the P6 on and off a couple of times and no change:frowning:

yep, that’s correct. patterns, tracks, fx, settings, the whole shebang are all stored in projects. I suggest making an empty template to save time setting things up each time. if you want to use some ideas from a project, simply open it up and “save as”- then delete the tracks that you don’t want and go from there.

as for the arp and seq not working on the p6… you’ve got midi cables in the ins and outs right? and do you have the p6 set to clock port: MIDI and midi clock: IN

you might run into problems with a midi loop if you set it up like that. But I have to ask: why do you need the seq or arp on the P6 anyhow if you’re using the Pyramid? The seq on the p6 is pretty worthless and the arp fx on the pyramid are much nicer. The only reason I use clock input from pyramid is for clocked LFO and FX on the prophet.

does the tempo indicator on the p6 just read --? if so, just check all the clock settings and you’ll be good to go.

oh, sorry I missed the last paragraph… yeah, the seq won’t work because it’s waiting for an external clock source. if you want to use the internal clock, simply set the clock source to “off” instead of “in”.

this is pretty basic stuff. really… read that manual a couple more times. plus check the P6 forums. Lots of answers to your questions if you just use that search bar :slight_smile:

midi routing can be a bit of a headache when you’re not used to it. I find that getting out pencil and paper and drawing out a signal flow (even for simple stuff in the beginning) really helps.


Hi, yes, thanks, I realize that about the clock.

Anyway, I found the problem…I had changed the “Seq Jack” from normal to something else.

I realize the P6 sequencer isn’t very powerful, yet for me it’s vital. Whenever I come up with a cool new sound, I will usually save a song idea with the preset in the sequencer. It’s usually late and I never have time to fully develop the idea, so it’s sort of become a little 8 bar sketchpad for me to remember ideas. I bought the pyramid to expound upon those ideas.

I actually have the other “P6 as master control thread” open in another window. This seems a little troubling since I was looking for a simple, idiot proof setup and am using the P6 as a controller as well.

I appreciate the input and will keep exploring.

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