Pyramid midi out note is 1 Octave off


My Pyramid is sending out notes 1 Octave below what it is says. For example, in Euclid mode, Pyramid says its sending out a C4 note. Ableton Live and an Akai s950 both say they are receiving C3?

Any idea what this is? Apologies if this has already been asked, I could not find an answer in the forum

In midi there are 2 conflicting standards
Middle C can be both C3 (Yamaha and others) and C4 (Roland and others)


Never knew this, thank you!

wow, never new
me neither
good to know

this is really confusing

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It can really be confusing.

What’s helpful in my experience is to set my devices to the same settings if possible.
I like the Yamaha standard (C3)
So if I set everything that way then things pretty much line up.

I would say a DAW like Ableton Live should be a standard - and it’s using the C3 Standard

MIDI is only numbers, and is standard through out, it is the translation to “human” that is the problem. Everyone has picked what translation they like, understandably some don’t like the idea of referencing a negative octave, and they’re going to stick to it. I’ve always approached every piece of equipment or piece of software with no expectation of what MIDI note 60 will be called. Much more annoying are program changes, especially when you see manufacturers use 0-127 numbering for bank numbers and 1-128 for program changes when MIDI says they both run 0-127…