Pyramid midi going crazy! normal?

Hi there!

Quite new at the pyramid.

I have quite a bunch of synths I connected to it, and an arturia keystep: with the midi outs of the synths going through a kenton merger and then to the input of the pyramid. The output of the pyramid goes to a kenton midi thru box and then the outs go to the synths (in ports).

I thought I’d start simple, with just my novation peak turned on and the arturia keystep (and pyramid)
I made a track in the pyramid, with the corresponding midi channel set up.
I can now play the peak with the pyramid, and also with the keystep.

So far so good.
But then, after some playing, every time (seems at random moments), the peak goes crazy, as if its constantly being sent thousands of midi notes, and it gets stuck in this (lot of noise/sound), nothing I can do but turn of the pyramid, then it stops.

Anyone recognize this problem? solutions?

Feedback loop somewhere?

Sounds possible but how to check?

On the pyramid you have 2 midi out ports (plus CV and midi i/o over USB)

So you could chain synthesizers that have midi thru ports, and plug them all on port A
Then you plug your midi merge to pyramid port B, and plug the rest of your synth on the kenton

Then you parameter every synth that are on the same midi port (A or B), on a separate midi channel

Finally, you save the track infos and the parameter on the pyramid, that way it’s already parameter when you open the pyramid (well you also have to activate something into the option, to choose what project or template the pyramid open when you power it)

There is also other options, depending on if you want to sequence all your gear with the pyramid, or if bpm counter some of them are just in sync, but I don’t want to be too confusing ;

Hope that help :slight_smile:

If you have a computer that’s also connected via MIDI then install / run MIDI Monitor or MIDI-OX (or other similar app). It will reveal which device(s) (by MIDI channel) that are generating MIDI messages.

Once isolated, try changing its MIDI configuration, e.g. disable echo / local on device. Understanding your workflow will help determine how it should be configured.

thanks will try this. I have quite a lot of synths connected via kenton midi merger/thru boxes, but what I don’t understand that it already happens while only the squarp pyramid and the novation peak and the arturia keystep are turned on.

Does this simply mean I should be looking for an echo/local on setting on the peak?