Pyramid Midi FX buggy/life of their own

I got a used Pyramid MKII a few months back and after some much needed downtime from a crazy workload, I am finally digging into this sequencer.

Everything seems to work great, but am noticing that the encoders seem to have a life of their on when using the LFO effect and some others. Parameters will jump around fairly often. Aside from the fx, the encoders all seem to work consistently in every other arena.

The listing had mentioned that some repair to the knobs had been done, but was not specific and I am waiting to hear what he says.

Any ideas on how to rectify this would be massively appreciated.

First thing to check is that you don’t have any automation accidentally recorded into any of the automation lanes. Someone here a while back had exactly the same problem, and it was there were FX changes recorded into one of the patterns they was playing.

Thanks! I did some more playing around and it seems that if I stop the sequence when loading/tweaking fx, the parameters remain stable. If I try and mess with fx while a sequence is playing, they go all over the place

Definitely sounds like the automation is recorded/recording somewhere. Pretty sure if you have the record button lit and move the knobs around it automatically records what you do (and then loops it)

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