Pyramid Menu encoder not working

My main Menu encoder switch seems to have developed a problem. Its not clicking down when i push on it.
Has anyone else had this issue?
Could it just need a clean? I have an early 2nd batch Mk1.

I don’t won’t to break anything but are these plastic encoders easy to pry off?

I love my Pyramid but with this main encoder down its not much fun :slight_smile:


if you check others knobs ( 1 to 3 ), it seems at the same height from the bare metal ?
( is it “always down” or is it “always up” )

Try lifting the cap off the stem of the encoder by pulling straight up, then carefully replacing the cap. The cap on my encoder seems to be slightly too long and sometimes seats down further than it should, limiting the movement and preventing enough travel to allow the click function from engaging.

Seems others are reporting similar issues. Putting some paper in the encoder cap seems to fix it… Maybe the plastic wears over time…

This happened to me, and I removed the cap completely to test and see if it was the actual encoder (meaning the board needed to be reflowed) or if it was the cap (meaning I needed a new knob.)

Turns out for me that the encoder is just fine, it is the knob that’s a bit worn. So rather than replace the knob, I folded up a small piece of paper and put it down into the top of the cap, and now it’s possibly even better than new.

On the old forum I took some pictures and posted them to walk people through this, but I don’t have the pictures any more. I’m sorry.

I hope this helps, and your encoder is working perfectly.


well done!

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