Pyramid Meet Up

I’ve been wanting to join pyramids with another user and experiment with the collaborative possibilities of the instrument. Unfortunately, there are few of us still. Thought it might be a good thing to start the dialogue on meet ups. The community seems global but I’m not so sure. Is this something others in this community would be interested in?

Yes I agree with your ideas. The forum is useful for instant discussions but not for directly accessible and complete information (same as FACEBOOK). There are experienced users on the forum who could complete the SQUARP manual with more illustrated examples of expert use of the machine. Personally I’m not a professional musicien it’s my hobby and I don’t spend enough time on PYRAMID. SQUARP could set up a structured blog (via their host or a free) allowing “nice” contributors to share their experiences under control of the squarp team of course or moderators chosen by themselves. This space could gather illustrations, sequences examples, gather all the definition files, videos, etc., …

Maybe a thread about where people are located? Im sure there are more people who read the forums than actually post, so that might help connect local users.

When any two or more are gathered in the name of Pyramid…

I’ll start: Toronto here

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@CreepyPants I’m in Los Angeles. It’d be really nice and very simple to link multiple pyramids and collectively chain a silly number of instruments together! Also watching someone else’s workflow technique firsthand would be hugely beneficial.

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Im often in San Diego…only a 1.5 to 5 hour drive away! LOL

Alas: i pack light (no gear). sigh

It’d be great to combine whole Pyramid based ‘set ups’ but either way:)

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I’m in LA as well. I like this idea.

Nice! I’m thinking it would be good stuff to sync up and get deeply euclidean and possibly microtonal seeing as that’s something we both enjoy :slight_smile:

I’ll dm you with my info

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