Pyramid keeps resetting velocity to 0

Hi - don’t know why this is happening, but the Pyramid keeps resetting all my track velocity settings to 0. I can go to Step, turn the velocity back up to 127, then press Step again and it instantly resets to 0. It also resets when I click on other tracks.

Don’t know if there’s a setting where velocity is set globally or maybe I’m getting some odd Midi signals changing the velocity (have a Z1 keyboard as the controller keyboard), but it’s infuriating - means I can’t use the pads for playing stuff until I keep going back to Step and changing the velocity.

Any help would be appreciated thanks.

Sounds kind of like how my midi keyboard has messed up velocity, though for me I have to play a note for my step velocity to change. Try to recreate it with nothing going to the pyramids midi in and then try with a different controller keyboard, that should show you where the problem is

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Thanks for the help - but just tried it again without any Midi input and it still resets to 0 when I switch to Track mode and then back to Step mode.

I might just start again from scratch with a new template - I might have accidentally recorded some Midi messages or something.

My diagnosis is your shits all fucked up

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i had some similar things happening, turned out i accidentally touched the touchpad’s left corner and set the velocity to 0

Thanks - I’ll see if I’ve accidentally set something with the touchpad. I’ve tried loading different older projects & the same thing happens with velocity constantly resetting to zero.

I think you’re right!

Thanks for the touchpad tip - have played around with it, setting velocity to 127 via the pad, and it seems to have stopped glitching to zero! Fingers crossed that was it.

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This. I have to really think about not resting the palm of my hand on the touch pad especially when editing piano rolls. I’d turn it off if I didn’t find it useful for drawing CC’s.


I actually tape my set list guide over the touchpad in live shows to avoid my wrist messing up the playback. Sadly I prefer this safeguard to the live fun of the touchpad.

Happens all the time.

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Yes, I wish touchpad to velocity could be deactivated in settings, maybe we should ask a feature request?



Thanks for all the replies - good (or actually not so good) that others are experiencing issues with the touchpad velocity. Hopefully Squarp is listening…

This was brought up on the old forum, so…

Squarp very kindly got back to me - you can actually deactivate the touchpad by going to Settings > Misc > Touchpad > Off. It’s a global setting but at least you can deactivate if it’s messing up live gigs etc.

Yeah you can, but it’s on or off for the whole thing, not just one input for one parameter. I did mention in my first reply that I chose not to turn it off because of drawing CC curves using it is brilliant compared to setting a start bar and a finish bar then letting an algorithm make the curve for you (MV8000 way of doing it).

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Ah cool - yeah I’m still finding my way around it, so didn’t realise. I have yet to try drawing CCs with the pad, so will do that later. Thanks!