Pyramid incompatible with M-Audio?

Hello all, first post from me here. I just got my Pyramid mkII brand new this week. Just for community knowledge, I wanted to share that I am experiencing this exact issue with my Pyramid and my Akai MPK249.
I do this:
MPK249 5pin MIDI Out -> Pyramid 5pin MIDI IN
and the Pyramid registers no MIDI events on its input port whatsoever.
Fortunately I already have a MIDI Solutions Quadra Thru. I will see if that fixes it after work today. I also have a MIDI Solutions Merger. Hopefully that works too, because I really wanted to use the Quadra Thru on the output of the Pyramid to talk to my little family of hardware synths.
It is a little disappointing the such a common and broadly functional controller keyboard like the MPK249 doesn’t work with the MIDI IN port of the Pyramid.
I will report back later with results using the MIDI Solutions boxes.

Congratulations on the Pyramid and welcome to the forum – where you’ll find a great wealth of info by some very knowledgeable and helpful folks.

Hi Burnsy, I also got my pyramid 2 days ago and am having the same problem with my Akai MPK249. Did the Quadra Thru help?

Yes! Sorry for the delay in getting back. Both the Quadra Thru and the Merger from MIDI Solutions allowed the MPK249 to send MIDI into the Pryamid with no problem.

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Hi there,
I bump this thread because i found a satisfying solution for the midi issue :
i replaced the midi in optocoupler (6n136) with the same reference from another manufacter (ONSEMI) , problem solved :slight_smile:
i do not need the midiSolution Thru box anymore !
here is a shot of the new 6n136


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