Pyramid - ignore/drop clock input?

Hi there, I’m considering add a Pyramid to my setup. I already have a Keystep Pro + NDLR and planning to hook them up like so:

KS Pro → NDLR → Pyramid [ (A) → instruments (B) → clock/transport loopback to KS Pro ]

…with the Pyramid as clock master. This allows improvisation with the NDLR (and recording its output to the Pyramid), as well as being able to continue using the KS Pro’s sequencer as a slave.

However this all hinges on whether the Pyramid will ignore, and not relay to the outputs, clock received on the MIDI input while acting as a master. I would expect clock messages to be dropped in these circumstances as it’s the logical thing to do - but does anyone know for certain?

you’re phrasing it, in a bit of an ‘unexpected’ way, so I may be misunderstanding…

but the pyramid has settings to allow you to ignore clock input on midi and usb.
(and additionally settings to determine if you want to transmit clock)

so if you are just concerned about the loopback then indeed that will not be a problem.
(from clock going from pyramid → kspro-> pyramid)

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