Pyramid home setup

mine :

Seq : Pyramid.
Mixer : GB2R 12/2.
Synth : DRM1 Mk3, Per4mer Mk2, Toraiz AS-1, Shruthi-1 Polivoks, Grenadier
Fx : Tone Scrambler, Boss CE-1, HM-2, MZ-2 & OD-1, Flux Stereo Liquid Tremolo, Hawk HR-45 dual spring reverb, Industrialectric 4046-M, Echo Degrader & RM-1N, Fuzz & Burn, Ennio, AG-5 Funny Cat & AP-2 Phase II, Lava Box, Geiger Counter Bass mod, The Caprid.
Monitoring : 2xHS-50M & HS-10W
Recording : ESI Maya 44 / Soundforge

Cool! That’s a nice collection of gear, especially with all those pedals & the Per4mer Mk2. How’s your experience been with it?

When I get set up in a new home the music room will have…

Sequencers: Pyramid, Analogue Solutions Europa.
Midi control: Novation Launchpad Pro.
Synths: Roland SH-32, SH-01a, Yamaha DX200, Arturia Minibrute, Teenage Engineering OP-1, Korg DS-10.
Samplers: Korg Electribe SX, KP3, Roland SP-606 (x2), SP-404sx.
FX: Boss DD-6, ODB-3, RSD-10, RPS-10, Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi (Sovtek), Nanoclone, Lexicon MX300.
Processing: DBX 266-xs, 231s, BBE 382-i.
Routing: ART P48 (x2), Furman M-10xe.
Mixer: Yamaha MG166.
Recording: Boss BR-600, Denon DN-780R.
Monitoring/listening: Sennheiser HD-518.

Italics are for what’s currently set up, the rest’s in storage.

i have to admit, pure bliss & endless possibilities ! The Perfourmer is my favourite synth of all times !

knowing some of the gear that you listed, it’s a nice setup too !

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