Pyramid + hardware sampler triggered by pyramid

Hello guys,

I was wondering what would be the perfect hardware sampler that can be triggered by pyramid for my use.

I am expecting these features :

  • possibility to play chords from a single sample by pyramid (multitimbral?)
  • warp sample like in ableton, adapt it so pitch is not bpm dependent.
  • beiing able to trig different samples at the same time

Currently i a triggering samples from Ableton live with usb midi 1 to 16 of the Pyramid and it works very well but i was searching for a way to go dawless with the same workflow.

Thanks for you suggestions !

Actually Rample may be my solution

I missed where the Rample can warp/timestretch. Is that in the manual?

i think the 1010music blackbox fits the bill.

mpc1000 w/ jjos might - it can def play chords from samples (polyphonic) and can also play more than one sound at a time, usually on different midi channels (multi-timbral) but I’m not sure about the warping - never tried it but I feel like it’s in there somewhere


I read the note about it and i am not sure it does.

Blackbox seems so fat ! Thank you for your advice !

Here’s an ancient thread re Pyramid and Samplers:


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