Pyramid: Hard Rec only option for replace-record?


Just received the Pyramid over the weekend and have been having fun learning it.

From what I can work out, including from manual, to replace-record Hard Rec (2ND + REC) must be activated. But, this can only work if you stop the sequence, activate hard record again, and then press play. In other words, it’s a stop-start workflow.

There is no real-time overdub loop record, or real-time loop replace record is there?


no thats not true at all :wink:

you can stop/start recording , with stopping the transport, by pressing REC at any time.

so you can do the following
have transport running…
REC - start rec in ‘overdub’
REC - stop recording (continues to play), just not recording
2nd + REC - hard recording, so overwriting changes
REC - stop recording (continues to play), just not recording
REC - start rec in ‘overdub’
REC - stop recording (continues to play), just not recording

continue ad infinitum, with whatever combo or overdub or hard rec you want.

so, not thats not a start-stop workflow - at least in my mind :wink:

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The overdub record works as you describe. That was a complete oversight on my part and should have been obvious.

I now know what I was missing about hard recording. If you keep that mode active while the sequencer continues to play, as soon as it loops over itself it’s bye-bye notes. So the hard rec mode must be deactivated before the next loop cycle if you want to keep your notes.

The last question remains then, that there is no mode which allows replacement of note only when incoming midi events are detected? (this is less critical, so I can live without it).

I can’t see how that would work in practice…

Basically you’d have to assume replacement notes are played at exact same time as original, that only will in practice work with strict quantization - but pyramid aims to record unquantized, so that quantization can be done non-destructively ( with qunatizer)

Reaper can do it but I don’t find it useful anyway.

The thing that would be useful is some way to loop record and keep the best take (DAW style).
But that’s just because I’m accustomed to DAW recording.

If I play something freely on cycle into the Pyramid there is no way to not have it overwritten (in hard rec mode) unless I press REC again to deactivate it before the end of the cycle. --> Theres the stop-start nature of replace record with the Pyramid.

Foot controller may be required here…

After playing some more, I believe what would add immensely to workflow is the ability to:

  • Delete entire pages (not just steps within pages)

Then you can easily keep the last take of whatever length you like by removing the necessary number of preceding pages that contain your throw-away takes (the black bars in the display).

1 - loop backups
2 - record your new section to the loops, but record straight in through ie 1 Track with multiple takes all sequential
3 - listen to them and select your favourite
4 - using Zoom, change to a coarse resolution and then Rotate to put your favourite take on the 1
5 - use Track Length to set for the section you want.

It seems like many steps, but for me Im so used to doing it because I suck at keyboards.

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Thanks for sharing.

yes, I find a pedal really useful for looping…

Ive a boss fs6, I use one pedal for rec, the other for undo.
(though there are quite a few options on pyramid about how to set this up)

that said, Im continually trying to improve my looping and playing skills (lots of room for improvement!!) so i don’t have to use undo so much :wink:

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