Pyramid gate length in euclidian mode

Changing gate length in euclidian mode does nothing. Well, nothing very noticeable. Can’t really hear any difference between 0 and 100, is it not possible to get longer notes in euclidian mode, works like it should in step mode…


Hi @danishdaycare , the gate slightly vary the time between the “midi note on” and “midi note off”.
The maximum is not super long tho, I guess this is because is it aimed at percussion type of sound.

If you really don’t hear any difference, you might want to check the decay/sustain value of the synth you send the note to.

gate lengh (with exception of 0) feels like a percent of step length
i.e 100 = full lengh of step, 50 = half step

doesn’t really make any sense to be longer than one step in euclid terms.

if you’re not hearing this, then your synth is not using the sustain on the gate - either due to you not using sustain level, or its using somthing like a decay only env, so its only being triggered.


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