Pyramid Freezes/Stuck While Saving a Project?

Hello, I was recently trying to save a project that I had been working on on my Pyramid, but for some reason when the pyramid begun saving and the little saving window with the mug appeared on the screen, the pyramid froze after a few seconds and never exited this screen. I waited for about 20 minutes or so, in hopes that perhaps it was just taking a reeeally long time to save the project (one of the most complex projects i’ve been working on yet with multiple tracks with different pattern variations and time signatures), but soon I realized that the machine had froze and there was nothing I could do, so I had to turn off the device and turn it back on, effectively losing all the progress I made with the project. But luckily, I still had the backup on the SD card so all my work hadn’t been completely lost (thank you for this Squarp), but I’m still at a loss as to why it froze in the first place. I haven’t encountered this issue with any of my other projects, it only seems to happen when I try to save a new version of this one specific project. Perhaps it’s an issue with my SD card? I’m using just a standard 4gb SD card, but I don’t currently have a lot of projects saved on it and there is still plenty of space left on the card, so i’m not really sure what the problem could be. If anyone could offer may any help at all with this I’d be extremely grateful, as this could be a serious issue for me if it begins to happen with other projects, and I’m also forced to stop working on this one specific project because it freezes every time I try and save it. Thanks!

Between the risk of losing your work due to a faulty SD-card and the few euros/dollars worth of cost of a new one… I’d just consider myself lucky for not losing any work and get a new SD already.

OTOH it could just as well be a software bug. You could try saving the problematic project with a new name, and if that hangs too, and especially if it also hangs saving to a new SD, it’s probably a bug that you’d better report to Squarp directly.

this happened to me two times in a couple of month

it believe it happens only when you save while it’s running

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Hi @cjarter, can you please send us an email at contact (at) squarp (dot) net, with you faulty project ?

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Sent. Thank you for your help!

Did you manage to fix this?

Unfortunately I never found a fix for this specific project that this issue occured with, but luckily I haven’t experienced this issue again with any other projects so perhaps I just had bad luck with this one. I emailed the project to Squarp so my hopes are that it was just a software glitch from the irregular time signatures and midi fx and hope itll be corrected in the next software update. For now I’ve just been routinely backing up my projects onto my PC incase this happens again so that I don’t risk losing my work. I am also going to get a new SD card for my Pyramid if by chance the one I’m currently using had something to do with this error as well.