Pyramid for non pattern based music

Is the Pyramid only suitable for pattern and looped based music? Is it also possible to create more conventional music (vocals, guitar solos …). What additional equipment is required?

You can have 384 bars per Track.

That being said, and I’m sure others have better input since I’m a n00b on the Pyramid, i create my music in a DAW and currently using the Pyramid to play large sections (100-200 bars of non looping Tracks) mixed with 4-16 bar modulating loops. Sort of basically a MIDI playback device with assignable controllers and MIDI fx.

You can use the Pyramid to record, in real time, the MIDI information from any source that outputs MIDI data, like a keyboard controller or drum pads. In that way you can capture conventional performances not tied to bpm or looped, for instance, a piano concerto. But you still need to connect the MIDI output of the Pyramid to a sound source to hear your recording.

So you need to connect the Pyramid to a synth, or a sound module, or a virtual instrument running inside your computer. You would then load a sound- a piano, an organ, a synth, drum samples- and the Pyramid will play back your performance using the sound or sounds you have chosen

The Pyramid cannot record audio, only MIDI, so you would need an audio recorder to record vocals and guitars. There are free audio recorders that run inside a computer, an iPad, even a cell phone. Sometimes you can synchronize the song position of the audio with the song position of the Pyramid to make full arrangements, or you can record the information coming from the Pyramid and overdub on top of that.

For conventional song structures and instrumentation, I would look into a computer based DAW. The Pyramid can surely help, it’s a good box, but it doesn’t record audio.