Pyramid footswitch pedal?

Hey any info on footswitch pedal’s for pyramid. Is is TRS? TR? Looking to use one.

any recommendations.

At this time you can only progam 2 functions with the pedal, as mentioned in the manual:

You can plug a foot-switch type pedal and assign it to an internal control (REC, play/pause or play/stop). You can also use a double pedal (stereo jack) to control 2 actions in Pyramid.

You can use a regular SUSTAIN-type pedal for this, or a footswitch pedal like guitar players use.

I have bought a TC Helicon switch 3, a TRS footswitch pedal with 3 buttons, but unfortunately I can only just use 2 of them with Pyramid :slight_smile: Maybe they might update in the future and add a 3rd button function too.

If you want to be able to do more with a pedal, you can think about a MIDI footswitch pedal.

Hope this helps

thanks. i couldn’t find that info. great help.