Pyramid first live after 17 years on a RS 7000

Not much to say. feeling great. This humble ambient little perf was improvised after one week of discovery.
The pad was firstly found useless, and then I realized that it is very convenient.
Program changes finally work fine + Banks ! (thank you so much)
I’m a bit confused in the SEQ mode, always switching between TRACK and SEQ mode. I often don’t know where I’m anymore (some kind of BARs number extra LCD screen would rock).
From the RS 7000 … : I’m missing the Mute option Keyboard on the whites, and the SEQ / multi pattern on the blacks in the same mode. navigating in arrangements and muting at the same time.
Actually, keyboard, mutes and multi patterns seq (live, track and seq) could fit in one mode (bottom line white : keyboard. up white : mutes. and blacks : SEQ navigation, all configurable with super up-to-date multi RUN options and < , > navi .
Otherwise the machine is fantastic.
serial number 3036 …

More to come …


I’m working on getting a Bomebox so I can use my OG launchpad for both track mutes and sequences as I believe all the track mutes and all the sequences could fit on one Launchpad page… it won’t be exactly what you had or are looking for but if you have the equipment about it might be a good direction to test out workflows with.