Pyramid / ERM MultiClock / Ableton

Hey everyone, quick description of my set-up:

I take the audio out of the ERM VST to generate a clock to the multiclock. I send this clock to the Pyramid. I send the midi out of the Pyramid back into the ERM to distribute it to my hardware synth.
Now I tried to do this trick to add negative midi delay to the VST track in order to have ableton and the ERM start at the “same time”.

The shift encoder on the ERM doesn’t seems to do much when trying to get all my hardware back on the grid.

Any advice on people with a similar set up?
Am I just setting things wrong?


What kind of weird trick is that ? Ableton and the Multiclock do start at the same time. But of course due to the linearity of time , the Multiclock will need 1 Bar prerun in order to be able to negative shift midiclock.
What do you expect to happen by sending pyramids mididata into the Multiclock?
The Multiclock only shifts the clock signal.

If you need to shift all hardware-synth seperatly you’ll need for each of them a separate sequencer or one that lets you setup a delay per track. Midiphy SEQ4+ is the only device that can do this , even with negative delay

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