Pyramid encoder knob dying

after several dozen shows over the past year, it seems the push button functionality on my main encoder knob on my pyramid is not clicking down very well and I suspect it might die or fail soon.

wondering how to go about fixing this.

I’m gigging every Saturday in Las Vegas and Pyramid is a huge part of my four hour shows.

can I order them and swap it out myself? or do I have to send it back to the factory?

How long does all this take?

I’m considering ordering another Pyramid ASAP so I have a backup, and then when that gets here, sending the original one back in for repair.

What should I do?

i was having a similar issue and feared the encoder clicker was shot.

I pulled the plastic knob off and found that the clicker was fine, but the knob had been pushed down too far so that it was keeping the click from fully clicking. I shoved a bit of paper inside to raise the knob a couple of millimeters and it did the trick. Hopefully this is your problem as well and not a broken encoder.

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Gigging every weekend in Vegas with 4 hour shows and Pyramid is important part?

1 - get a backup Pyramid! So easy because just plug the same or backup SD card and go!

2 - Send the damaged one back for repair.

I did on mine as well. Two encoders needed this fix (the main encoder and the leftmost one). I will however take it apart because I want to check if the circuit board isn’t bent. I might become worse, including making irreversible damage to the board if that’s the case, so I might want to shove some (isolated) pad under there to counteract the force applied on that area

the same happened with 2 of 6 clickable knobs on my unit.

it was simply that the knob was pushed too far into the housing and not clicking all the way down, I slipped the knob off and gently slid it back on the post and it’s working fine. I had been yanking up on the knob before with limited results, simply sliding it off all the way and putting it back on did the trick, works like new.

I suspect the knob was shoved in during transport. I make custom cardboard face covers for my desktop instruments. I will make a newer, more robust one for the Pyramid that has shims protecting the knobs from being shoved into the unit. I make these shims for instruments with delicate parts; hadn’t figured this would matter with Pyramid but this should keep it from happening again.

Still might get a backup Pyramid anyway, it’s a huge part of my sets.


My piece of paper trick may also be helpful…

Take off the knob, and fold up a little (1cm) piece of thin cardstock into a little square and place it into the top of the cap with tweezers. Then re seat the cap (it shouldn’t be big, or lumpy. It should be thin, and fit the approximately the same as before) and then you’ll get all your click action back.

If it starts to go sort of Larry again, then replace the paper and it’s good as new once more.


hey Mr. Jones, great to hear from you!!! I’m in Las Vegas now…

great trick, will test it out if it continues to be a problem.

I realized I could slide the knob off and gently put it back on and it’s fine.

I realized my knobs were getting pushed in during transport. I made a cover for my Pyramid out of cardboard, sort of like the lid of a shoebox, and then I made a second box inside of that surrounding the knob area to keep the knobs from getting depressed when moving my cases of gear.

Both tricks working fine.


Decksaver make a cover specifically for the Pyramid now as well. Fits it like a charm, perfect for protecting the knobs, pad, screen, etc during transport (although depending on what you’re transporting it in, you may need a big rubber band or something around it to keep the cover in place.)

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Brilliant Tip - Cheers <3