Pyramid disorders CC-Message-Parts of NRPN messages, which causes sending of invalid NRPN messges


I’m using a prophet 6 with the squarp pyramid.
The prophet midi out is connected to pyramids midi in
Pyramids midi out A is connected to prophets midi in.
Local control on the prophet is disabled and midi control is enables.

Playing notes and sending controllers works fine.
But when the Prophet 6 sends a NRPN- Messages, which consist of 4 cc messages, the pyramid reorders the cc messages, which leads to an invald NRPN-Message on the pyramid midi out.

Pyramids midi monitor shows following:
Pyramid receives: CC 99, CC98, CC6, CC38
Pyramid sends: CC 98, CC99, CC6, CC38 or CC38, CC6, CC 98, CC99 or sometimes any other order (seems to be random)

This causes NRPN-Messages, which consist of multiple CC messages, which require right ordering to be invalid. Is there any way to fix that ? I didn’t find anything in the manual



yes, I’ve run into this problem with nrpn messages as well. I haven’t reported it to squarp yet as I wasn’t certain if it was a user error, and I’m pretty new to NRPN messages. I’m curious to get this sorted.

Does it work if you set it up as midi thru?


I reported a Bug and I got the reply that the order of NRPN-message-parts is not taken into account, because NRPN-messages are not supported by pyramid and should not be used.


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