Pyramid Definition file support?

Didn’t see it mentioned in the manual; will HAPAX support definition files like the pyramid? If not, can it? :smiley:

Hi @nsolarz ,

While HAPAX won’t support Pyramid definition files, we do have plans to include something very similar, but better :wink:

It has not made it to hapaxOs 1.0 because we wanted to polish it a bit more, but it will be released ASAP. We got a lot of feedback on Pyramid definition files, and we want to get this right, this time around.



Thanks @Thibault_Squarp Hapax looks amazing!

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Can i request something to do with the definition file capability?

I am using an Isla instruments s2400 sampler/drum machine which allow you to set a different midi channel for each pad/sample so you can individually control the filters and envelope etc for each sample.

When using it with the fantastic drum mode on Hapax you can create patterns and send them to separate notes and channels but you cannot set separate channels for the ‘automations’. it only goes to the control channel selected for the track.
Can you enable a way to set definition files per channel but ‘load’ multiple per track? thus having the labels in the automation section?
An enable channel selection in automation mode?

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Please send all feature requests via the contact form