Pyramid CV clock in to midi out unstable

Hi, I’m trying to achieve better sync from my DAW to my midi equipment. I have the ERM multiclock plugin (I don’t own the multiclock itself) that sends 24 pulses/quarter note into the Pyramid CV in, set to “clock”.
The manual says:

Sets the number of beat (or PPQN) the player will move forwardeach time Pyramid receive an analog clock

This is probably relative to the internal resolution of 96 PPQN (not exactly clear but well…)

But my main issue is that the midiclock that is output by the Pyramid when synced to CV clock is very unstable with audible hickups and it gradually drifts out of sync. Is there anything I can do about this?

If I could get this to work, it would save me some serious money on a ERM multiclock (which is a super nice device but very expensive)


Hi, did you ever sort that out? I track to a DAW as well and have only just got a Pyramid and finding the same thing with drift and rhythmic instability. I too would prefer not to have to buy something like the ERM multiclock!

Yes, I’ve a very solid sync now. I have a couple of Elektron devices and I use Overbridge as a gateway for sync. My Elektron Digitone is then midi sync master for everyhing else (including the Pyramid) and this works really well.

Glad to hear it. The main culprit so far in my workflow is the Erebus but after reading the part of the manual relevant to clock they do actually say it’s not reliable! I continue to explore Pyramid’s possibilities after having it for just one week.

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