Pyramid clock how tight?


i’ve chosen the Pyramid because it was said to have rock solid timing and i never experienced noticeable timing problems.

I don’t use a DAW, no Ableton.

Pyramid is my control tower / master clock. I don’t sync stuff together but send CV to one synth and midi notes to a maximum of 4 synths/drum modules via midi A & B, 2 at each output via midi thru.

So, by ear, things are fine as my setup is quite simple - no midi merger or midi thru box - no computer, no other sequencer to sync - also i don’t send NRPN or sysex, and use not many CC so the midi information remains quite light.

So what ? I’d like to know if someone measured the Pyramid’s jitter/latency at internal/external clock, like it has been done here for other gear :

i’m curious. The Cirklon has been tested but not the Pyramid. How tight does it stand against an Atari ST for instance.

Thanx for your participation, and sorry if this subject has been treated already, i think it was approached but from a DAW user point of view - not in a total hardware context.

I know there’s not two things synchrone in the universe - as described in the relativity theory - but from a psycho-rythmic point of view, accurate timing is the most important thing.


Good question, carefully phrased. I’d be interested certainly.
My expectations are high !

carefully phrased you’re right. Of course, samples cannot be measured from a standard that has jitter/latency like Ableton. That would be like measuring time on an atomic watch of two people in different trains in movement.

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Tighter than a flea’s ass…

never tried one, can’t tell