Pyramid + Bitwig

Hello! I have some problem with communication between pyra and Bitwig. I connected via USB. My PC can see it, in Bitwig I’m selecting generic - keyboard with CC - pyramid USB. Start/stop sync works, assignment for control also work in Bitwig. I created tr01 channel 1, and when I press chords or keys in live-mode nothing happens, my VST not receiving any notes. What I’m doing wrong?

Hey there. Apologies, I just happen to be posting here, thought I’d try to help.
I dont’ use Bitwig, so apologies if my suggestions aren’t helpful.

I don’t know what you mean by “assignment for control also work in Bitwig”. If that’s a Bitwig setting, that should not nullify my suggestions.

Start/Stop are System Real-Time Messages, so they are not limited by a specific Channel requirement. Note On/Off, and CC msgs are Channel Messages, so they are specific to what MIDI Channel they are listening to.

So I’d immediately start there:

  • Is the Bitwig receiving VST Set to Receive Note & CC data from the Port the Pyramid is connected to
  • Is the BItwig receiving VST Set to Receive Note & CC data from the CHANNEL Pyramid is sending on
  • Is Bitwig set up to route the incoming data to the VST and is the Audio from the VST set to an Audio destination.

FIrst off, I’d check the Pyramid MIDI Monitor and verify it’s sending the data out - just set up a small Track with some random data, set play, then go to the MIDI Monitor (Settings → Info → MIDI Out USB Monitor) and verify data is going OUT of the Pyramid.

If that’s show data going out on the Channel and Port you intend, then I would assume the issue is on the computer/Bitwig/interface side of things.

Thanks for the guidance! I checked MIDI monitor, yes USB sends CLOCK and NOTES. “assignment for control also works in Bitwig” - means i can map any encoder\fader inside Bitwig and use a knob on pyra to control it. Basically everything works except NOTES. I checked the same settings on Ableton, and in Ableton, everything works fine. But Bitwig is my prymary DAW. Now I’m confused.
UPD: After a few reboots of Bitwig, now it works. I don’t know what was happening.
UPD2: I have found the issue, you need to enable not only ARM on track but also monitoring, then track receive MIDI notes. Then this yellow midi-indicator starts to work.


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