Pyramid Backup on OSX script update - now with better multi card support

Hey, you may remember I recently posted a script for pyramid backups. I realized some situations I needed it to handle and so, pyra_back is now improved.

Here’s the original thread:

I can’t revive that thread because there are rules but I have some updates that make things easier to use and better at multi card support.

With the latest update, pyra_back has these new features:

  • Better ‘newness’ algorithm which removes some potential bad situations
  • Better Multi-card support (you use multiple memory cards with the pyramid)
    — If you have a song on two or more cards and have made a change to the song on only one card, pyra_back gives you the option to update the contents of a memory card
    – Divergence detection – if you have the same song on multiple cards and you make changes to that song on multiple cards, pyra_back now gives you a simple workflow. There’s no way to merge, but you can choose to keep one of the versions available, or do nothing and resolve the conflict yourself.
  • Easier setup - now all you need to get started is python3 and virtualenv on your system. pyra_back has a simple script that will setup and enter the runtime environment for you.

If you were using the original version, I highly recommend you switch to the latest version as this version is much safer.


You should check Kivy and make it into an app with gui, more people would use it :slight_smile:

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