PYRAMID: Assign Tracks to Sequence... problem

Hallo community

I need some Help in regards of my new unit Pyramid MK3 with OS2.23.

I have two Tracks A1 & A2 (Bank: A) length are each by 1.

So I have created
Sequence 1 with Track A1 and Track A2muted
Sequence 2 with Track A1muted and Track2
Sequence 3 I have problems to have both Tracks A1 and A2 unmuted.

Really tried everything include length of 2 for that sequence…
Now I am a bit frustrated… so any ideas ???



Can you play them both Unmuted in Track Mode?

Hi CreepyPants
Thanks a lot for trying helping.
Sorry I fixed it by myself, because I messed up the seq on in display and using Track+Seq buttons.
So now its really simple :slight_smile:


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