Pyramid and USB midi keyboard (like nano-key)

Hey there,

I am really wondering if there is a possibility to connect a USB-only-Keyboard like nanokey with a USB-Hub?
If yes, what kind of hub do I need? Or do I need an extra midibox like iConnetivity or BomeBox ??
Sorry I am kind of a noob when it comes to stuff like USB-Midi, pyramid is the first gear I have bought which mentions USB-Midi in it’s specs.

Thanks in advance for your repli(es)

Not going to work. The Pyramid can’t be a USB Host so you can’t plug USB Midi devices into it. It’s a cunning ploy to make you less angry at them for using USB to power the thing. :slight_smile:

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OK, thanks for your quick reply. But it might gonna work with one of these boxes that can be host, right?

yeah, any box that can be a midi host, like iconnect/bomebox should allow you to route midi from any of is hosted devices

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As @thetechnobear mentioned: yes, it works.
Have a Nanokey here, although I use it when I’m not in the studio for laptop sequencing - I use a Nektar LX49 (USB MIDI) in the studio which routes thru the BomeBox and can be used as input into the Pyramid.

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Nice! I’ve just ordered a bome box! :wink: … also for maaaany other purposes like CCtoSysex obviously!

I was early to adopt the BomeBox (a pre-production model, actually) since I was frustrated that the Octatrack would only send MSB Bank Changes and I have some older romplers that wanted MSB/LSB Bank Changes.

Then things got more fun. :slight_smile:
I haven’t figured out how it’ll relate to the Pyramid in my rig, yet - beyond handling all my routing needs.
It’s a brilliant little thing, and the support is AMAZING.

I’d recommed if you can put a computer in your signal chain where the BomeBox would be to start messing around with MTPro scripts, if you’re not already familiar with them. Once you have a script that works for you, you can just upload it to the BomeBox

There’s definitely a space in the market for a cheap and simple USB MIDI host box. The iConnectivuty stuff is sold at an ipremium, like all iperipherals.

iConnectivity boxes are cheap for what they are for.

You can actually get a reasonably good midi keyboard for less than the price of the iC box…

And whats the price on a 4x MIDI thru + 4x MIDI merge?

an axoloti ( will do this for about 65 euro… and is simple to do it with.
there are quite a few solutions cheaper than bomebox and iConnectivity.

a raspberry pi, or arduino can also do it, but more effort… its a pay your money take your choice scenario really :wink:

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Well the axoloti is not too expensive but is not a box and does not appear simple… I was talking about a box that does usb midi hosting and nothing else. The best I can see is the midiplus usb midi host for $65 on Amazon US, not available on Amazon UK…

to do this with axoloti, means adding one object (midithru) to a patch and saving it , i think thats pretty straightforward…

theres a helpful community, if you should ever want to do more than that… given this task is not going to exactly tax the Axo, you could also use it simultaneously as a synth of fx for Pyramid, or even getting it doing custom Midi FX for Pyramid … its a fun companion for the Pyramid

anyway, there are lots of options e.g. 40 GBP


That’s more like it!

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or make your own for even cheaper.

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iConnectivity products are all very good value for money. You won’t find better USB MIDI hosts than the MIO’s. Or maybe you might with their iConnectMIDI4+ if you use IOS devices for music.
The Midiplus box is nice but only runs one device and doesn’t do MIDI THRU so you will have it plugged into the Pyramid and nothing else. Using a MIDI merger of some description will be needed to use more than the USB MIDI keyboard and bring the user back to…iConnectivity, as they can provide both needs in one box with the bonus of expanding the number of USB in’s and out’s by using a USB hub.
It’s an unfortunate situation that the “i” prefix can infer products that are made to sap currency from the iHerd, but it’s not always the case and to let that “i” predefine your assessment of a product means you might miss out on something great.

Again, missing any THRU functionality, an essential feature for a controller keyboard.

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