Pyramid and Moog DFAM?

Hi, I was wondering how well the DFAM pairs with the Pyramid? Sounds like a good pairing. The only thing is do I need a DFAM? As I have a Nord Drum 3 as well as a Boog. Looks like fun to play. But using it in my setup will depend upon the integration with the Pyramid. :slightly_smiling_face:

LOL, generally yes, you need a DFAM to connect a DFAM to a Pyramid :wink:

Seriously though, I considered a DFAM until I looked at it’s architecture and realised it’s not so much a modular drum machine as it is a single OSC weird noise maker. Single square OSC, three decay envelopes (one for the osc, one for the filter and one for the amp), an LFO and a simple sequencer. I ended up starting my own modular drum machine, and now have a synth worth as much as my 2002 Mazada 6! With that in mind, I’d suggest sticking with your Model D and maybe putting your money into a Mother 32. I’d suggest the Neutron, but I’m not recommending any Behringer produces any more due to Uri trying to sue DSI/Sequential for saying he’s ethics are non-existent (well words to that effect). Also, the Mother 32 has an unbreakable sound; it’s immaculate! It’ll do everything you want a DFAM to do pretty much, plus way more.

Regarding integrating any of the above with your set-up, with MIDI and CV/Gate output on the Pyramid, you should have no troubles. If you understand MIDI basics, run with that to start with and then experiment plugging in the CV and Gate outputs into various patch points on your semi-modular synth.

Yes, that’s the conclusion I came to. It would be a nice little luxury to have around. But a Boog is a more economic option. In fact I have one Boog and could easily use another. :grinning: I use a Nord Drum 3 for my drum sounds, and it’s great. Although I’m still on the eternal search for the ultimate kick (sound)!

The DFAM paired with the the Pyramid is a beautiful thing.

The only thing I wish I was able to do is send gate-only triggers from the Pyramid’s sequencer to the DFAM. You can send clock as gate signals to advance the DFAM, but AFAIK you can’t make that clock swing, which would be cool.

What I get the most out of the pairing is the ability to quantize the hard-to-tune DFAM, but there is definitely so much more potential beyond that—being able to control the DFAM with everything the Pyramid offers is very powerful and it opens many doors.

Beyond that the DFAM is awesome. I’m sure you can assemble something similar with eurorack modules but, to me, that seems like it’s not worth the effort—it would likely take up a lot more HP, cost more $$$ and be a mess of patch cables. The machine sounds great, has a lot of range and a nice architecture. I’d rather use the eurorack rig for other things personally.

Dead on the mark. As I mentioned, I’ve gone way beyond making a DFAM clone now. I’ve thought about how if I bought a DFAM and a Mother 32, i’d have more space and more money now. But I don’t regret diving in to modular and am sorta happy that the DFAM made me take the plunge, which helped me also understand the subtleties of making a eurorack modular.

Oh yeah, I was incorrect when I said it’s a single OSC synth; it’s got two switchable OSC’s with frequency modulation, which is a nice thing.

HI, old thread, but I was curious - how do you control the DFAM with the Pyramid? I currently send it sync from the Pyramid envelope so it starts and stops in time, but I’d love to sequence it and control it more with the pyramid - is this possible, and if so, how should I patch it to the DFAM?