Pyramid and live sets

I just done my first live set with the squarp. i used in meny ways it was controling a modular 9u, sampler bitbox midi. plus i was using it to control behringer x air 12 midi.
to much success the set went well.
few things i found was the pots being used for x air. work out nicely cos i didnt have bring the laptop with me to the gig.
shift + bpm and arrow for doubling the tempo plus tap func great for live.
i do live looping with dl4 and having a tap just gives me greater freedom to move around in the groove.
patch recall on the x air being trigged program change.
im moving more away from the computer these days. the more i learn about the squarp the more i think i can just have it as the heart of the studio.
just my reports on my finding.
pyramid lover