Pyramid and elektron analog rytm

Hi. I’ve been researching the pyramid for a few weeks now but there’s a couple of things I’ve been unable to figure out. Are there any users using the pyramid with a rytm? Are you sequencing the rytm from the pyramid or using the rytm’s internal sequencer? I’m interested in using the pyramid to sequence the rytm and I understand that I can use a single track and then use the different midi notes to trigger the drum sounds. However, this would mean I cannot use the euclidean sequencer on just the hi hats. The alternative is to use a different track for every sound on the rytm but this would then require 12! instrument definitions. This seems a bit clumsy…

I’ve both and you’ll need at least 2 tracks on the Pyramid. One for the auclidean sequenced hats. Just set the midi to whatever midi channel you set the hats tracks on the Rytm on. The second track on the Pyramid can be used for the other drum sounds. You can choose to use the same midi channel or a different one, just as long as it is set to the same midi channel you set for the other drum tracks on the Rytm.

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Thanks. When using this method, how easy is it to control the parameters using midi cc?

I haven’t tried what you’re after but I think you should probably look into controlling performance parameters with cc’s. I guess the individual track cc’s will overlap when you set the tracks to the same channel.

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