Pyramid and Cubase Problem


I was hoping someone may be able to shed some light on my issue with Pyramid and Cubase.

I purchased the Pyramid as an inspirational tool to sequence my hardware synths and eurorack while working in Cubase - I’m not interested in synth jamming or live performances(which I know is really the main draw of the unit).

I have no problems at all communicating with each of my synths discretely from the Pyramid through a MIO 10.
My main goal, however is to have the Pyramid sync’d to Cubase(I’m achieving this with no problem via one of the available output ports on the MIO 10) and to be able to record the MIDI notes and CC data on individual tracks in Cubase. I am using the external instruments feature in Cubase for each of my hardware synths and would like to keep it that way since it maintains the audio routing from each unit to my interface(s). I’m also not sending any MIDI from my synths back to the Pyramid - since I do not need this…

This works fine if I enter data into a Pyramid track - to a synth - and onto my Cubase instrument track UNTIL I send MIDI clock to the Pyramid(via 5 pin DIN output) from Cubase.

When Pyramid is slaved to Cubase, no notes or CC info will record to my Cubase instrument track so long as Pyramid is receiving MIDI Clock.

I’m sure I may be missing something extremely rudimentary here, but was hoping someone may be able to help(and yes I’ve gone through the forum and elsewhere on the web but could not find a specific answer)?

Thanks very much

I was able to correct the issue - thanks.

Hi prscully,

How did you fix this? I am having the same problem?