Pyramid analog clock

Hi all, I’m trying to drive the pyramid via the cv in using an analog clock from the soma ornament-8, which is sending 16th notes and being converted by the pulsar 23. I’ve followed the manual but I can’t match the PPQN. I’ve tried every setting, but nothing seems to sync, or have the pyramid follow the clock created by the ornament. I wonder if I need to convert the voltage further somehow? I can see the voltage reading on the cv in 1 info page.

Did you set the PPQN in Settings?

I fixed it thanks, I was taking the pulse from the wrong place. My bad, but very happy now!

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Hi, ornament is unstable for such purpose to be used IMHO.

The time capacitor of ornament is kind of permanently evolving and you don’t know what is the exact clock.

If you mean using the gate from pulsar converted into clock with ornament that would do, to my knowledge, but again you won’t want to occupy your trigger points of ornament.

I even bought an oscilloscope last month to figure out what are all the voltages of ornament. The trigger gives, if I remember, 1 volt or even less 0.9V and it was 10 or 20ms. I can check it for you if you wanted.

The pyramid as master clock and pulsar the slave, perhaps?

Does it work? Pulsar is the master, am I right?

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