Pyramid 1 with korg arp odyssey

Ive got myself the korg arp odyssey with keyboard not the module, I have a question, wasnt sure if to post here and find someone with pyramid and arp odyysey first. its related to the two note priority

I have the pieces of equipment you speak of

Am I right in thinking that if I use cv to sequence the device then it can only ever be monophonic as I can only send one voltage at a time. If I use pyramid via midi then I can send multiple (two) notes out at once on a step so I can play the lower c4 and the e5 to get the duophonic feature that happens if I play with left hand in lower section and right in upper section of keyboard?

duophonic works via midi.
see :
shows that you can do it via CV… although presumably the pyramid doesn’t have enough outputs. I’ve never used the CV on the pyramid so can’t really help there

I’m not 100% sure, but I bet that you can get duophonic (or at the very least paraphonic) behavior from the Odyssey using just one CV/Gate input.

I’m guessing that if you send a note into the Arp via CV from the pyramid, the second note will come from the second voice (provided the first note is still playing.)

The experiment would be to connect the CV/Gate connectors between the Arp and the Pyramid
Then assign a track to play CV out.
Now step or play a note into the sequencer.
Next add a second note before the first note is done.

If you hear a new attack, then you’re in business!

Try it, and please let us now how it works out? I’d love to know for sure. That would super-baad if it works!

The odyssey itself only has only one cv and gate input so even if I connect my korg sq1 I am still in the same boat, I think. yes I will connect it up and see what happens and see if @sunshine prediction is correct.

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I am not an expert at determining this but I dont think it did it played c4 then went straight up to e5 on the second step, I tried setting the length of the first step of the not too 2 then to see what happens when that 2nd note on the second step triggered and it made the 2nd note trigger but shorter.
So in answer I dont think it does but I am only a hobbyist so cant really sonic-ally tell.


I don’t have an odyssey (but I sure wish I did) so I can not perform the experiment myself.
But chances are that if you were able to play two notes at once (first one, then the other) and hear them together you would know.

i have the karp odyssey desktop here and a pyramid. just tried it out, switching between midi and cv/gate from the pyramid, and it is monophonic only with the single cv out. according to manual you can use the pedal in for a 2nd cv apparently, which is what is done in the video above w/ the a4 (which is pretty damn clever).

so, not sure how you would have it be duophonic w/o the 2 cv outs. using only one, it would just change to that 2nd pitch (unless i’m missing something which is entirely possible).

Yeah, I guess it doesn’t.
Sorry to get your hopes up. I sort of hoped it might, since I’ve seen them used duo phonically. but no dice without two CV’s.

I totally agree about the foot pedal input. That’s dope.

yes I will try the same with the korg sq1, I think it is as @nbreinich said and as I first suspected that note just raises in pitch, I try with the sq1 and send cv B out to the pedal in and see what happens. I guess that hermod thingy might do it. Every bit of kit has something missing, I wish the sq1 had the midi din in.