Proposal: Real MIDI routing


For my setup, this is still a major shortcoming of the (yes, otherwise great) Pyramid also.

No iConnectivity or other MIDI device can solve this, as like Joosep says: all midi data is eventually being merged to the same input stream, or you only have 1 track per channel (= per synth) available in Multimode, what is way to rigid.

Like it is now, the Pyramid simply doesn’t allow for flexible routing / setup in case of a bigger live setup with multiple keys (= synths with keys, not only modular or small stuff that’s being controlled by 1 keyboard or by the Pyramid’s own key buttons).

In our case, we really want to be able to sent the data of our keyboards to the corresponding track or -yes- even multiple tracks of that same synth, and NOT to any other track, when that other track is active.

I 've had a lot of times that I was recording MIDI from 1 synth that I was playing live, into the wrong track in wich I wanted to record something else because of this…

LOGIC pro X also works like this, but you can config things at least in the MIDI studio environment. With Pyramid you can’t, and this is very limiting for some live performers that use different synths with keys.

Thanks Squarp for checking this also for your final OS version of Pyramid!


@loekazz hits the nail 100%!

Yes yes yes yes yes yes!
Drives me crazy!

Would be so nice to press REQ and just actually PLAY with instruments. Rather then going back and forth every time I want to change instruments!


again, essential stuff here for a midi sequencer



we need our hands for playing our instruments or other gear also, not to push buttons / button combinations on the Pyramid only.

I really believe there could things made a little bit simpler, even with all the great amount of functions and options that are available right now.

Live musicians still aren’t 6-handed robots and they are not always using 1 device only that asks all the attention and focus during their live performance.

The great update of the live looper makes things already a little bit more flexible, so we at least don’t have to predetermine the length of our instant creative ideas anymore :slight_smile:


+1 for try to solve this problem, I’m in :slight_smile:



I was always confused by the 1-bank-limited MULTITRACK implementation, this would be 100x better


yeah, it’s not flexible enough.

You can’t have multiple tracks of the same channel (with variations / CC).
Yes we can use patterns, but for instant-on-the-fly looping/jamming it’s way too rigid still…


Yes, please solve this problem as this was the issue that I just signed up the forum today. This MIDI routing behavior is so annoying, completly unusable for a flexible, small electronic live setup…


I hope Squarp will find some time answering this question soon, and at least say us it’s not possible at all if that’s the case, so we finally can stop craving for this.

Or, and I really hope so, maybe they are still trying to figure out how to make it work?

I think it would be really great if midi input port + channel might be put in a instrument’s .def file also, like darenager mentioned before.

Now it’s only possible to assign the track’s output port and channel, so in a way it would be very logical to be able to do exactly the same with the input.

Unless the hardware / software doesn’t allow this, but then we really should should know it, so we can look for other sollutions / workarounds, if there are any…


This is clearly possible. Think of the OMNI mode, in which each MIDI channel is sent to a different track in a bank. We are asking for the same thing, just with some customization on top.


Yeah, not sure about how you see this but having only one track for each MIDI channel abailable isn’t the way to go for sure.

It’s just nice to have multiple tracks vailable with the same channel inputs / outputs (so to/from the same synth), as you can have tracks with only CC’s and others with only note data; you can make variations to play with (muting); you can add layers of notes to a polysynth that you can switch on and off again etc…

That should be possible, but without the now existing risk of recording notes from another synth on another MiDI channel that you are also playing at the same time, or from a synth that is sending it’s ARP MIDI output that can’t be switched off.

It’s really a pain in the ass having recorded wrong things from other synths into the active track where you just wanted to record midi from just one specific synth on one specific channel at that moment. Especially when you only have 1 undo history…

On the other hand, I must confess that having recorded ARP MiDI from my monosynth into my Nord Stage’s track accidentally, was resulting in some unexpected but cool surprises too :slight_smile:


we should not even use the settings for that.
we should be able to choose the midi inputs for each track dynamically
just like the midi outputs
TRACK+MIDI CHANNEL (the five encoders are already taken to quickly assign the outputs, but we could use the main encoder for the input)


Well, I guess a combination of both would be great yes, like what we have now possible with the outputs (channel settings both via encoders or via .def files, whatever suits our setup / project / workflow best).


actually, the midi channels in the definition files are very controversial right now…

it doesn’t bother me, personally, but I can understand other users, because it is a bit rigid…
(also we can have only 16 def files so…)


Indeed, especially for multitimbral instruments.

On the other hand, definitions can speed up things that otherwise require some more actions to do…

If you just have to call an instrument channel, where everything is set already (MIDI I/0, CC’s,…), you don’t have to manually program each of these settings apart.

In a live situation that might be handy also…


Theoretically, the Pyramid can listen to 32 midi channels, not just 16, because USB in and DIN in are different ports, and could be addressed separately.

Pair that up with a midi router like the Motu or iConnect series and you could route almost as many inputs as you have outputs


up, I keep on saying how important this is.

The actual limited MIDI IN functionality caused me a lot of frustration on a jam with multiple keys last night.

I always find myself recording into the wrong tracks, or while playing along the Pyramid with a keyboard, causing another synth or piece of gear to receive the data this keyboard sends to the pyramid on the selected ‘active track’…

maybe I should reserve an empty track assigned to an unused MIDI output, and trying to select that track via a PYRAMIDI CC command from another MIDI controller, each time after I’ve recorded or changed something on the selected / active track…

Other suggestions on how to work around this, and get as few as possible mistakes while recording / playing live with keyboards, would be great thanks! Especially with just one UNDO, it’s just too frustrating sometimes…



yeah, same here. Per-track routing would be a god send.

for example, I was trying to figure out how to use a master midi controller set to one channel so that I can quickly switch between instruments, whilst having another midi controller that only sends to the transpose track. Still having trouble setting this up properly. The midi controllers I’m using can’t change midi channel on the fly, so I’m using fixed channel mode :frowning:


The iConnectMidi routing solve me a lot of problem, but I have trouble setting usb midi for play virtual synths in Logic when I drive external gear as well because Logic can’t set a midi input per track…


I use iConnect Midi also, but that doesn’t solve these issues… At the end every MIDI signal that is being sent to the pyramid is recorded at the ‘active track’. Like I described before on other topics, I ended up recording stuff on the wrong tracks quite often in Live mode… Again, MIDI-input routing and recording workflow for live use could get some more attention by Squarp.