Prophet vs midi implementation?

Hey anyone using a prophet vs? Cannot figure out how to send midi parameters to it.

Seems like the deal is you have to send midi messages to select the parameter, then use cc 06 to change the parameters value. Which makes automation a huge pain. Anyone else have a VS? Should i just get that stereoping controller? Do i come off like im just bragging about having a Prophet VS? Thanks! Including a relevant table from the manual


You are very lucky to have a kind of Beaty synth, but is a very rare machine, and is very old so is possible it use other type of message like my juno or TX81Z, try some app to convert it like patch base that use sysex message…

seems you didn’t actually include the manual page … or link doesn’t work for me.

anyway, sounds like its using NRPN, which few things will automate/control :frowning:

if you want to do this with hardware only (i.e. no computer), you’ll need some kind of intelligent midi router, that can modify midi messages , in particular convert nrpn back and forth to midi cc.

I personally would use an axoloti ( , as its cheap and flexible, but needs patching (like max/pd), so that may or may not be your thing.

there is also the BomeBox, which allows you to mangle midi messages, so that would probably work… not sure if its much easier to program or not, but provides lots of interesting midi options :slight_smile:

there could well be others, but those are two that i know of…
(you could also easily build something with an ardunio)

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Thank you so much! I will look into those options. That stereoping controller is definitely sounding more tempting though.

Bomebox is pretty straightforward for this type of thing (with Bome Translator Pro) - and in my experience the quality of support on the forum is quick and expert if you get stuck.
That’s not to say it’s an easy task… but if you have to do it the interface on Bome is straightforward to understand

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ive been looking at the bomebox for a while, but i really wish they update it, in particular the IO.
its great at what it does (translation) but i think its a little lacking in the IO area - e.g. it needs more DIN I/O and also if they moved over to using standard RTP midi (for network) … also change the usb power input, to be a full usb host port… this would make it much more powerful as a midi hub.

this would mean it would be a much more complete midi solution, a more flexible version of things like iConnectMidi (etc)

I know what you mean…
It is compatible with a USB hub though,although not acting as one itself as you’re suggesting. So you can connect numerous USB devices and fire midi to and from.
Bome network is a neat and free tool for connecting to wireless midi also. And I know they plan on releasing an IOS version of the same soon, which would enhance it’s connectivity massively.
I use a POE device to power mine… I have a pet hate of micro USB, and indeed found the device didn’t work as well using micro USB.
I do think it’s a remarkable piece of technology, the facility to upload complex midi translator scripts and apply them to pretty much any device combination is pretty powerful. It surprises me that it is still very much on the sidelines when compared with the far more popular iConnectMidi - presumably due to it’s less than 100% integration. I’m no expert on any of this though !