Project compatibility with Hermod v1

I did a search, but so far it looks like it’s a rare topic :slight_smile: … so i better ask.

If i will upgrade my old Hermod to the new one, it will handle my old projects?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I would guess “no” since Hermod + seems to be a full rewrite of the code with many new features. But that’s just a guess. It’s certainly possible in theory.

Your guess is spot on.

@a_m Unfortunately no, Hermod+ does not support the project format of Hermod.

Thanks for the reply!

In this case, and with all our music already prepared on the V1, if the projects aren’t transferable to the new one, than there will be still support and updates to the old one? There are still some minor but important things to be solved but it’s uncertain if there will be updates and when … For example, i have constant crashes since i use the song mode on the v1 firmware 1.72, but i can’t transfer my work on the new one either … so i’m stuck in the v1. I’m not the only one having crashes and problems. I sent 2 tickets trough the contact form, my files and videos of the crashes 6 months ago, and there are live sets coming this year too :slight_smile: … just sayin