Program change!

Can you Please fix program change ??
If i triple tap the stop button anymore i will break it…
I wanna make music and not forum posts :stuck_out_tongue:
I cant use the same sound throughout the whole song

I’ve struggled with program changes a little bit myself.

I find that once the program change is sent, that’s it. This is not actually a bad thing for us loopers. I don’t actually want the program change to be sent over and over and over… So it’s actually really handy that the Pyramid is smart enough to know that it’s already received one.

How I work around this for multiple changes on the same channel is this:
I create a new track, same channel, and send a fresh program change. This seems to work very well in terms of going back and forth between patches over the course of a song.

It’s not perfect, but it’s a lot better than the sound hiccuping every time the track loops back around, right?

i get what youre saying, and i agree but when setting a program in the TRACK mode setting it should not reset everytime the loop starts over again. thats frustrating when trying to play with synth parameters to find a sound and the squarp sets the program to default again.
But when sending a CC message in step mode, it should change accordingly. maybe there is something im missing but i cant get it to work.
Im not making music with a computer anymore, so not used to all this hardware and midi stuff.
Ill try some more tomorrow.

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I’ve been tampering with using 1 channel for prg change so it’s on a dedicated channel. Each pattern on the channel can send their message, so it’s an alright way to change presets (if that’s what you’re doing). Patterns can’t have names though, so will have to have a sheet with number codes for the different presets I need.

For some reason it works as expected now. Seems like some projects just acts up… i dont know why tho