Program change not sending when pressing play or selecting a pattern

Hi there,

I cant seem to make the program change work. I have set the number on the hapax but it won’t change the synth when playing automatically, the only way to works is if I manual alter the number up or down then it will send the PC to my synths. Am I missing something really simple?


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Same here when controlling Dave Smith synths…

Yeah, it’ll only send PC messages when it thinks the program needs changing. Pyramid did the same thing. You can also switch to another pattern with a (different) PC message in it and then back.

Or maybe make a suggestion to ‘send all PC messages on start’ or something perhaps?

The problem is… it allready does that, even if you don’t want. If i program sections, with the same pattern on the same synth in different sections, at each section change, it restarts the program change, even if the track is in free mode…

Weird, mine doesn’t do this.

I’ve got three patterns on track 15:

Pattern 1 - PC 1 - note C5
Pattern 2 - PC 1 - note D5
Pattern 3 - PC 3 - note E5

I had pattern 1 selected, and pressed ‘Start’ then switched from pattern 1 to 2, no PC message. Then switched to pattern 3, there is a PC message, same as when I switch from 3 to 2. But not if I go from 2 to 1, as it ‘remembers’ that the program should be 1 already.

Also if I change pattern when the sequencer is off, it changes the program immediately, not on start.

EDIT: I’ve just retried this with two different tracks, but pointing to the same MIDI output and channel, and get the same behaviour as above, too

perhaps it is an issue of the beta firmware i use…

I’m on the 1.10 RC

Are you using sections or song mode ? If i don’t, i don’t have the problem…

Aaah, that might be it, then. I’m just manually switching patterns on the Pattern screen.

Could be a bug, in that case, send a message to Squarp and I’m sure they’ll look into it.

Yes, the team from Squarp told me that it will be solve in the next firmware :slight_smile:

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