Program change msb and lsb setting

How do you like the program change msb and lsb setting ?
For me, it needs to much steps. Maybe, when in 2nd + track menu, pressing 2nd + encoder 5 could open a Program change menu where encoder 5 set PC, encoder 6 set msb, encoder 7 set lsb in real time (no needs to an apply function here).
What do you think ! :slightly_smiling_face:

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You can do that in PATTERN MODE, when selecting the current pattern.
The popup in 2ND+TRACK is intentionally there to avoid sending inappropriate messages while scrolling.


Sorry @Thibault, I don’t get it.

Edit : I get it :wink: But it doesn’t change in real time the PC, msb and lsb on the synths

Most synths expect PC+MSB+LSB to be sent in a specific order, so Hapax would have to transmit all three when changing any one of them. To prevent flooding the synth with messages they only get sent after pressing apply. I agree though, I’d be very nice to get direct access to them without having to enter a submenu. Maybe it could be done like you suggested in the OP but only applied automatically when no changes have occurred after a small delay? So you’d turn encoder 6 + encoder 7, wait 1 sec PC+MSB+LSB get sent to synth.


If you can manage PC values ​​within a bank, you can change PC values ​​live via an ASSIGN control or even put them on an automation track.
However, only within the bank that you specified via 2nd +Track. :grimacing: :upside_down_face:

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I’m used to the Digitone or Digitakt with which when you turn msb,lsb and PC encoders, it is instantly applied to the synth. Easier to browse several banks :slightly_smiling_face:

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First evening with Hapax so very early days, but I too am missing the immediacy of pc/msb/lsb changes on the Pyramid. If it sent the triplet when you release the current pattern button, that would go a long way without sending lots of potentially unwanted messages.


I forgot Pyramid does it as well, you’re right. Maybe Hapax could also do it :grin:

On a related note, Hapax doesn’t seem to listen to externally sent PC/MSB/LSB either. Which is another thing Pyramid did, and at least I found very useful when browsing for sounds: some synths can send out the PC/MSB/LSB when you change presets so you could browse the presents on the synths own interface and it’d get set on the current track of Pyramid. Also some synths (Roland XV-3080 for one) send the preset changes as sysex info and I even wrote a Teensy converter that turns these into PC/MSB/LSB for the Pyramid. With these romplers with their endless banks, this was much much easier than looking up numbers from manuals.

I think all the cases in this topic fall into a generic use-case of wanting to browse presets in your studio, as opposed to knowing which one to set, whether studio or live situation. The latter seems quite adequately supported on Hapax, the browse case seems quite cumbersome as it is. Unless I’m missing a trick here, entirely possible considering how little experience I have with it so far.

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As my midi center piece, I’d really like Hapax could act like the Pyramid.